Texicanas (2019)
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Texicanas (2019)

  • Family

TV Show Summary:A stylish group of San Antonio sophisticates with Mexican heritage try to balance their social lives and the demands of raising a family. But, it’s their shared experience of facing the ongoing challenges of American culture, while still finding ways to honor their heritage and traditions, that bonds these ladies with a connection that runs deeper than friendship.

  • Season 1
    • Episode 8

      Chapter 8: Independence Day (June 25, 2019)The women think Penny showed Mayra the group chat on purpose; the men plan a Fourth of July party to try and repair the women's friendships; Karla gives Penny the cold shoulder when they join Luz and Janet at the San Antonio Gay Pride Parade.

    • Episode 7

      Chapter 7: Borderline Friendships (June 18, 2019)In Horseshoe Bay, the women unleash months of pent-up feelings they have towards Mayra; completely shocked, Mayra is comforted by an unlikely friend; Penny gets advice that leads her to stick up for Mayra at Anayancy's charity event.

    • Episode 5

      Birthday Bashing (June 04, 2019)Lorena throws herself a birthday luncheon. Mayra has an emotional breakdown, putting her friendship with Karla at risk. Penny invites the ladies to a pole dancing class. Anayancy studies for her citizenship test, which is harder than she expected.

    • Episode 4

      The Truce (May 28, 2019)Mayra and her son discover their inner artists. Luz hosts the other women for a concealed handgun class. Karla looks for a way to embrace her husband's Greek culture. Mayra and Luz agree to sit down to hash out their differences.

    • Episode 3

      Unfashionable Behavior (May 21, 2019)Karla, Lorena, Mayra and their families enjoy a beautiful Mariachi Mass, but at a post church lunch it’s clear the tension between Luz and Mayra is now affecting everyone in the group. Elsewhere, Anayancy’s US residency is expiring and while she struggles to fill out her citizenship application, Luz opens up about a citizenship story of her own. Later, Penny invites all the girls to a charity fashion show.

    • Episode 2

      Mind Over Matter (May 14, 2019)The drama at girls’ night continues, leaving Luz and Mayra on the outs. Penny is conflicted with breaking Mexican tradition when it comes to matters of her son, while Lorena tries to teach her son how to drive. Later, the time has come for Luz, Penny, Anayancy and Karla to run the Spartan Race and after the first obstacle Karla realizes she is in way over her cabeza (head).

    • Episode 1

      Two Months Earlier (May 07, 2019)Welcome to San Antonio, the big little city, where everyone has an opinion about everybody…especially if you’re Mexican. While hosting the ultimate Cinco de Mayo bash, Mayra is taken aback by Luz’s strong judgements of her, and Penny proclaims she doesn’t care who judges her. Meanwhile, Mayra’s close amigas (friends) Lorena and Karla, try to get to know Luz better, while Mayra offers Anayancy help with planning a charity event. Later a fun girls’ night out leads to one amiga totally crossing the line.

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