Cops (1989)
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Cops (1989)

  • Family

TV Show Summary:Follow real-life law enforcement officers from various regions and departments of the United States armed with nothing but with cameras to capture their actions, performing their daily duty to serve and protect the public.

  • Season 32
    • Episode 14

      Instant Regret (September 16, 2019)An apologetic motorcyclist is lucky to be alive after crashing out on a dark road; deputies question two passengers during a traffic stop; a young driver admits his situation doesn't look good when police pull him over.

    • Episode 13

      Brush with Trouble (August 27, 2019)Vehicles peel out of a parking lot when officers arrive to break up a street race; a goofy driver tries to crack jokes to lessen the seriousness of his mistake, and a wanted woman cares more about her oral hygiene than her warrant.

    • Episode 12

      Parental Guidance (August 19, 2019)A driver tries to escape through an occupied driveway, a man and his dad are found possessing more than just drugs, and five teenagers learn how weed can impact their future.

    • Episode 10

      Front Seat Fumble (August 05, 2019)A convenience store confrontation turns into a parking lot skirmish; an uncoordinated car passenger attracts deputies' attention; a suspicious man swears he peeked into a closed store because he wanted to read their menu.

    • Episode 9

      Out of Breath (July 29, 2019)A wanted burglary suspect exhausts himself after jumping too many fences; officers engage in a tense standoff with a felon who won't come out of his grandma's house; things go south for a man with a questionable-looking moped.

    • Episode 8

      Red in the Face (July 22, 2019)Emotions run high after a mom with a warrant fails to elude deputies; police pull over a habitual traffic offender after they spot him behind the wheel; cops roll up to a reported fight and find evidence of a bloody argument.

    • Episode 7

      Mommy Loves You (July 15, 2019)A protective mother tries to hide her daughter deputies... and consequences; police search for the key to a mysterious glove compartment; a rideshare driver gets pulled over when her passenger raises deputies' suspicions.

    • Episode 6

      Truck Amok (July 03, 2019)A man in cuffs tries to bet deputies that he can outrun them next time; a teenager can't deny the evidence that places him at the scene of a robbery; sparks go flying when a trucker takes his whole family on a high-speed chase.

    • Episode 5

      Don't Fence Me In (July 01, 2019)Deputies react quickly and nab a suspect with a penchant for identity theft; two women learn the value of keeping track of what's in their bags; police help a high school student understand that his parents just want the best for him.

    • Episode 4

      Any Way You Slice It (June 19, 2019)A young man turns on his crew after their night of joyriding gets cut short; an unlucky pizza delivery driver flags down police after getting robbed; Deputies identify a distinctive scent when they pull over a suspicious car.

    • Episode 3

      Father Figure (June 17, 2019)Everyone is on edge after a deranged man harasses his sister and her coworkers; a driver plays innocent during a traffic stop, but his passengers call his bluff; a man with a checkered past vows to do better by his young son.

    • Episode 2

      Ounce of Confidence (June 10, 2019)A shop owner gets a big surprise when a runaway offender hides in her store; deputies pull over a moving van and find more than furniture in the back; police confront a woman about trespassing for the third time in a week.

    • Episode 1

      Episode 1 (June 05, 2019)Summary for this episode coming soon!

  • Season 31
    • Episode 33

      Odd Arrests #5 Special Edition (May 20, 2019)A zebra is on the loose.

    • Episode 32

      All in the Family (May 13, 2019)A frantic fight between siblings ends with a stabbing; officers arrest a delirious man after he attacks his brother and neighbor; despite their no-contact order, police find a married couple hanging out in someone else's house.

    • Episode 31

      Lost and Found (May 06, 2019)Officers react quickly when a quiet passenger causes trouble during a traffic stop; one family gets a happy ending when a deputy safely recovers their stolen puppy; a struggling woman hits a speed bump on the road to recovery.

    • Episode 30

      Triple Threat (April 29, 2019)In a desperate bid to avoid jail, a wanted man sprints across multiple lanes of traffic; a heated argument is taken to the next level when a woman starts smashing windows; a short-tempered driver takes his road rage way too far.

    • Episode 6

      The Facts of Life (June 18, 2018)A night of watching football with the family descends into a full-blown fight. A notorious shoplifter wears out officers’ goodwill when he’s found with some stolen goods. A middle-aged suspect admits he can’t escape the streets.

    • Episode 5

      Bathroom Blitz (June 18, 2018)A stubborn suspect prolongs the inevitable when he bargains from a rooftop. Chaos ensues when a nightclub manager confronts the employee who stole his cash. A talkative man insists he meant to get arrested.

    • Episode 2

      Going Nowhere Fast (June 11, 2018)A clueless suspect’s lies fall apart when his victim comes forward with security footage; fear gets the best of a driver when he tries to make a not-so-clean getaway; a late-night trip to the convenience store ends in tears.

    • Episode 1

      Feel The Heat (June 05, 2018)We don't have a summary for Feel The Heat yet. Hang in there, or go ahead and contribute one.

  • Season 29
    • Episode 33

      Running Scared (April 22, 2017)Suspected jewelry thieves attempt a daring escape during a high-speed pursuit; a feisty man does everything that he can to challenge his arrest; a traffic stop leads to a marital spat after the discovery of some illegal items.

    • Episode 32

      Mommy's Tears (April 15, 2017)A wanted man complains to deputies about chest pain after he injures a fellow driver; an angry woman calls the cops over a spicy bag of chips; a violent man finally learns where his girlfriend draws the line.

    • Episode 31

      Window of Opportunity (February 18, 2017)Officers come to the rescue when a troubled man hits a low point; cops respond to a call when a man starts a food fight in a fit of rage; deputies catch a man off-guard while searching a parking garage.

    • Episode 30

      Rock Star (February 18, 2017)An irate man has trouble accepting the truth when confronted with his actions; officers question a cagey group to confirm suspicions; an argument between parents becomes violent.

    • Episode 29

      The Naked Truth (February 11, 2017)An evasive driver tells the police that he's the victim; a pregnant woman makes some questionable choices; a robbery suspect finds comfort in coming clean.

    • Episode 28

      Mother Knows Best (February 04, 2017)A defiant motorist can't believe that his mother sides with the law; deputies discover a man in a strange costume during a traffic stop; officers protect a hardworking mom from a couple of surprise visitors.

    • Episode 27

      The Truth Is Key (January 28, 2017)A desperate suspect flees from the cops after shots are fired; a father and daughter are caught off guard when they run into a man wielding a screwdriver; the police catch a bunch of women making poor choices.

    • Episode 26

      A Man Without a Plan (January 21, 2017)A young man receives a wake up call when he's caught breaking the law; a traffic stop turns up a nervous trio with a lot to hide; a board game sparks a family feud.

    • Episode 25

      Bikini Brawl (January 21, 2017)A woman's job hunt turns sour and officers intervene when she goes to extremes. Also: deputies confront a nervous man with bad habits and officers come across a suspect who thinks his girlfriend is the reason he was caught.

    • Episode 24

      Odd Man Out (December 17, 2016)Cops question an odd trio. A man asks for medical attention after a heart-pounding experience. A lawbreaker fails to grasp the severity of her situation.

    • Episode 21

      Gun in the Front, Rifle in the Back (November 19, 2016)Deputies encounter a bad car crash and pull a man from the wreckage; cops question a robbery suspect who claims he was actually the victim; and officers come across a young man who claims he has a disorder that causes him to run away.

    • Episode 20

      Manic Monday (November 12, 2016)A felon seeks safe haven and turns to his grandmother; deputies use an old security device from the 1980s; and officers call in animal control after neighbors refuse to return a dog to its owners.

    • Episode 19

      Between a Bush and a Hard Place (November 05, 2016)A car chase switches gears when the driver flees on foot; tempers flare between neighbors after some kids get physical; a nervous driver becomes irate when the police search his passenger.

  • Season 17
    • Episode 24

      Coast to Coast 74 (April 16, 2005)(Pierce County WA - 1:02 AM Pursuit in Progress) Lakewood - Officer Matt Brown is en route to the east side after a vehicle with stolen plates that won't stop. Josh sets up stop sticks and the white truck hits them and keeps going. He loses his tires, goes into an apartment complex and bails out on foot. He is caught right away and tazered, but he howls and continues to fight. Officer Mike Phipps assists. There are two more in the truck brought out at gunpoint. Deputy Kris Nordstrom helps get them out. The third guy howls that his arm is popping out of the socket as they cuff him. The driver is mirandized and put in the back of a cruiser. The third guy has a needle on him. Deputy Mario Carey talks to the woman passenger. She says she didn't know the driver, her friend got out and peed, didn't know the truck stolen and the guy just jumped out while it was rolling. (1:03 AM Vehicle Stop) Officer Dave Shaffer pulls up behind a stolen gold vehicle that fell off the hot sheet. An unmarked car was following it and called Dave. Jason pulls over, gets out and is told to lift his shirt up and walk backwards to the cops and is cuffed. There is a women passenger, Gabby, a dog in the back, the ignition is punched and the stereo is missing. Gabby says Jason bought the car today and didn't know it was stolen. Officer Andy Guerrero is backup. She says he works from time to time, but doesn't have much money, doesn't know where he'd get any money and sometimes people give him money for helping them, but doesn't know who. He's in the back crying, says he doesn't want the girl to get in trouble since they’re only together for 2 weeks. He traded a gram of meth to borrow the vehicle. Later she admits she knew it was stolen because he wouldn't tell her where he got it and needed a screwdriver to start it. He says he has a foster kid in California. They let the girl go with her dog. Hamilton County, OH (8:55 PM Traffic Stop) Sheriff's Office District 1 - Cpl Pete Enderle says his kids always ask if he caught any bad guys today. Sometimes he says yes, sometimes nothing happens. He goes to stop a car with no headlight and on Glenaire at the 3000 block he pulls over. Has a temporary tag, no tail lights and no license. He reaches in his pocket for money and gets in trouble for that. He says he has no weed on him and it’s the first time he drove the car. Then he admits there is weed in the front bucket. They find the pot where Jeff said it would be. He's 18 and has a warrant. They find coke in the trunk in a jewelry box. He is arrested, says it's not coke, it's powdered sugar and came with the car. Then why it is wrapped up in a little baggie? He won't explain why it's there. He got $800 worth of tickets last week, has a kid, his head’s up his ass, needs a way to pay the bills. He’s arrested for pot, warrant and fake coke.

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